Company Overview

Few words about RTH

The wealth of knowledge that RTH has garnered over the years has allowed RTH to conduct meaningful research on the medicinal characteristics of all ingredients used in RTH remedies. This has led to the continuous improvement in our product line, leaving our company at the forefront of Thai companies specializing in Thai herbs as well as snake and alligator extracts. We pride ourselves in having a large production capacity with processes that are globally certified and recognized. It is our number one priority to ensure that our domestic and international customers receive the highest quality products as we aspire to be everyone’s source of strength, health, and prosperity.

Company Production

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Our raw material and final product screening methodology/process has been designed with intricate detail to ensure that only the best qualities of the traditional herbs are retained.

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RTH uses state of the art equipment/technology to identify the ingredients and nutritional composition of each herbal product to ensure that consumers receive only the best.

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From producing top quality products from traditional herbs, RTH has a meticulous process of production starting with the selection of ingredients and ending with an exceptional standard for identifying the ingredients and nutritional composition of each product that is beyond the capabilities of our competitors.

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RTH has received GMP PIC/S (Good Manufacturing Practice: Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme) certification which enables the verification of all steps within out production line beginning from our ingredients until the end product.

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Consumers can be confident that every step in our production line has been inspected to ensure that it will product clean and safe products that bring out the best qualities of each the herbal ingredients.

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Consumers are guaranteed that all Royal Thai Herb products achieve the highest standards after it has passed through a rigorous production cycle with the newest technology and will product products that are accepted and safe with the correct ingredients and nutritional composition labeled.

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